Pray for Virginia Tech

From the Moveable Type blog, April 16, 2007.  Edited to fix linkrot; I can’t find a link to the Collegiate Times front page from April 17 anymore, and no longer even keeps an archive on their reporting on the day. But their reporting is still quality ten years on, and it’s worth a handy DuckDuckGo link.


Dean Dad has already weighed in, and his take is worthwhile.

(UPDATE: When good work is done in bad times, it’s worth pointing it out. Virginia Tech’s student newspaper, the Collegiate Times, got quality stuff for their edition today; the obvious interest overwhelmed the paper’s website, so trying to hit up the newspaper site bounces to, which is the parent publishing company for a host of campus newspapers. Check out the front page of their paper today – it’s IMPRESSIVE layout.

But the winner for a painful, brutal synopsis of the day and our feelings comes from Mike Harden, who writes for the Columbus Dispatch:

We are a bilingual people. We speak English and violence.

It’s true. It’s true.)

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