Chuck Pearson is Associate Professor of Natural Sciences at Tusculum College. He has been many places prior to this.

He probably has a more diverse teaching load in the sciences than you. The current semester’s teaching load is physical science, general chemistry, biochemistry, and a freshman orientation conspiracy called The Tusculum Experience. Last year he taught general biology, cellular and molecular biology, and organic chemistry.

So of course at his previous stop he just taught all physics, all the time.

He’s a longtime physical science pedagogue, recovering accidental biologist, and open education neophyte. He turns up in a couple of different places doing work in the open, whether that’s writing about his teaching philosophy or remotely talking to other educators at conferences and workshops.

You might want to see a CV.

He’s on Twitter and Instagram far too much, and not on Facebook nearly as much anymore. And who really uses LinkedIn? (He has an about.me page, but this nearly renders that obsolete.)

Standard disclaimer
Nothing on this site reflects opinions or policy positions of Tusculum College, its administration or board of trustees; nor does it reflect such on insititutions he has worked at previously.

That’s an…interesting looking building. Where is it?
It’s Science Hall, on the campus of Virginia Intermont College, where he worked for three years. He left it behind well before he wanted to.

He took that picture in May 2014, right before he turned in his keys.

Pearson, are you writing this whole page in third person?
What? Why would you even suggest such a…

…yes. Yes, he is.

Was there a previous version of this page that had an “I” pronoun sticking around by mistake?

…yes. Yes, there was.


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