Davan MacIntire for the WIN

From the Moveable Type chuck-pearson.org blog, May 13, 2008.

Something Positive - May 12 2008

(From Something Positive. As Websnark might have said once upon a time, click on the image for full-sized heathen Davan with a point.)

I am an evangelical. Davan is loosely deist; certainly not anything resembling a Christian anymore (although, as I’ve mentioned before, Davan does have a history with ’80s and ’90s evangelical craziness). I should not identify with Davan’s pain here as much as I do.

But I do. Oh, how I do.

Hrm, the snarks embedded within the past two posts have a little subtext, don’t they? I may have to expand on that in days to come.

Congratulations to Brant Hansen…

From the Moveable Type chuck-pearson.org blog, February 24, 2009

…he of Kamp Krusty blog fame, on his radio show going national.

And here’s what’s really exciting me: Brant currently plies his radio trade for South Florida’s WAY-FM affiliate. It is natural to assume that it’s the national stations carrying WAY-FM programming that are the likely recipients of Brant’s syndicated goodness.

Including 90.3 FM in Rome, GA.


By the way, Brant also wins “Quote of the Week” honors:

For most people, “Christian radio” isn’t on the radar. And, for most people who read this blog, “Christian radio” has an approval rating right up there with, say, polio.

But it’s what I do, and I’m thankful for that. I get to annoy, cajole, prod, anger, and — mostly — confuse people on a daily basis. Best of all, I’m talking to a lot of Good Churchgoing Folk, so I get to talk about the Kingdom of God to an unreached people group.

How true.