You can’t touch my monkey (well, okay, EllaMinnow can)

From the Moveable Type blog, April 15, 2007.  Honestly, this post is kind of embarrassing.  However, when I get too embarrassed, I read Brant’s original again, and I laugh, and then I read the comments on that post, and then I laugh harder, and this is a part of my history and I have to own it.

Oh, and by the way, one time I finally did achieve a kick beyond the Monkey Village, of over 5000 Monkey Meters.

Brant Hansen posts, and I quote directly:

It’s not every day I get to personally beat you at something.

In bygone days, travel money and logistics would be involved.  I’d have to physically come to your hometown — which reeks, by the way — in order to garner the inevitable total victory over you, your family, and all that you hold dear.

But these are heady days, thanks to technology. Just click on this link, and get outkicked by my monkey.

That’s right. My monkey will own you.

Such is your destiny, now writ:  You will be owned, and – oh yes! — you will be owned by an animated monkey.

It’s not a glamorous destiny, but at least has the charm of being yours.

(HT to the now vanquished monkey of J-Caparoon.)

It’s fun, plus, it’s FREE for Kamp Krusty readers!

You know, I must confess, it IS a great deal of fun.

Especially now that our man Brant’s monkey has now, himself, been vanquished.

To quote the great Ariel Mazzarelli: Bite me, envious ones.

(UPDATE: Well, that didn’t take long – Brant has vanquished me right back, as his link clearly shows. There will be monkey smackdown now. I guarantee it.)

(UPDATE UPDATE: Well, there’s monkey smackdown, but not by me. If you dare, check out the standard that some poster on Brant’s blog by the name of EllaMinnow has set. It is, truly, impressive. If you desire a more reasonable standard, however, here’s the current DrChuck personal best.)

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