Davan MacIntire for the WIN

From the Moveable Type chuck-pearson.org blog, May 13, 2008.

Something Positive - May 12 2008

(From Something Positive. As Websnark might have said once upon a time, click on the image for full-sized heathen Davan with a point.)

I am an evangelical. Davan is loosely deist; certainly not anything resembling a Christian anymore (although, as I’ve mentioned before, Davan does have a history with ’80s and ’90s evangelical craziness). I should not identify with Davan’s pain here as much as I do.

But I do. Oh, how I do.

Hrm, the snarks embedded within the past two posts have a little subtext, don’t they? I may have to expand on that in days to come.

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