Why I love the quiz bowl game…

From the Moveable Type chuck-pearson.org blog, May 10, 2007.  Of course, if you know anything about quiz bowl, College Bowl no longer exists; the link no longer takes you to College Bowl’s campus program page, but to the archival page – which has a YouTube embed of THIS VERY SAME MATCH.  See?  Big deal!

…from NINETEEN SIXTY SIX, people. (And the question format you’ll hear is IDENTICAL to the much-maligned format used in College Bowl tournaments today.)

The matchup is Princeton University, whose reputation as an academic power in everything pretty much preceeds itself…
…and Agnes Scott College, which most people watching this match probably had never heard of.

(Shorter College people: please note the introduction of Agnes Scott’s captain at about the 1:20 mark. Malinda Snow, REPRESENT.)

I’ll go ahead and embed ALL THREE parts of the game, complete with commercials, and not give away the result if you’ve not seen this match. But if you don’t have the time, go to the last embed (from the beginning if you like sung quiz bowl answers) and pick it up at about the 2:10 mark, at Agnes Scott 130-120 Princeton. The game is CLOSE. The game will get CLOSER.

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