Birthday gratitude

I wrote this on December 7, 2005, back in the days when your college had to get added to Facebook in order to get a page and my “social networking” was just a month into transitioning to Facebook from Xanga (yes, Xanga) and you couldn’t put a note or a long-form status update on FB.  It was the first time my wall got bombed with “happy birthday” wishes, and I was blown away with the power of this medium to spread good cheer.

As I had a little bit more time than usual to reflect yesterday (trying to rest your backside so it doesn’t go from “sprained” to “locked up and unable to move” will do that to you), I found myself getting blown away all over again.  So, seven years later, I repeat myself.

Okay, let’s recap.

When I set up the Facebook thing, I made the ill-considered decision to post my birthday on it, not thinking that my birthday would actually be noticed by people (who could then do the math and figure out my age, oh goody).

Between Monday night and now, I have received over 50 birthday greetings in various electronic forms, some of which have come from people in other places who really haven’t had a reason to want to think of me in three or four years.

Every now and again I just feel really loved.

So thanks.  A ton.  You guys don’t know how much I appreciate it.

Because, if I honestly could, I’d find things to moan about getting older, getting farther and farther away from my youth, having to deal with adulthood and responsibility and all that rot.

I said, if I honestly could.

You know what?

With people like you around, I honestly can’t.

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