Bowl Mania (of the crystal football variety)

Text from my friend, Model High School soccer coach/history teacher and Rome, Georgia trivia king James Schroeder, midday yesterday:

so what happens when power is lost in alabama on monday, or even across the south. what would people do about the game? all hell would break loose

My reply:

Prepare yourself for a picture of a bunch of sad Auburn fans in a sports bar, crowded around an iPhone, praying the battery holds out.

It doesn’t look like that’s played out. Everybody has gotten their day off, and all the TV’s are on and getting hyped for a BCS title game.

(Hey, how about a shout-out to the power and telephone utilities? Snow and ice all around the region, and the number of news stories about lost power have been all but nil. 6500 customers in Georgia without power at some point over the course of the day. That’s it. There are a lot more than 6500 houses in Georgia. I’ve been doing advising of students from home while my driveway has been iced in, and relying on my fat DSL pipe and household power that hasn’t even wavered. This has been an unimaginably good day.)

Yes, Mamoo, this is THE game. I love TCU, but these have been the best teams all year; a deserving title tilt.

So how will it play out? Here are some tips, and I feel pretty good about this one, clip and save:

  • The game will be characterized by – get this – DEFENSES early. I mean, Thomas will throw two picks, and Newton will throw one, and there will be a clear shout for a second. You might even see a safety in the first half.
  • The offenses will get going by the second quarter, though, and as has been true all season, when the offenses get going downhill it will be difficult for these defenses to answer.
  • Watch for Chip Kelly to try the early two-point conversion once Oregon gets on the board. I’m trying to figure out how he might do it, though, it’s like Kelly empties his play-book on two-point tries…the only thing I don’t think he’s done is fake a point-after kick and option to the kicker. Maybe he’ll do something like that.
  • Safety, two-point conversion…yeah, I think there will be a weird halftime score. 16-11, say?
  • Nick Fairley will be a jerk. This isn’t much of a prediction, honestly.
  • The game will be uneven. There will even be a somewhat controversial replay towards the end where the Oregon players think the play is done and stop playing – they’ll even fool Auburn into stopping as well, and that’s the point where TCU will start trending on Twitter because the TCU defense would have tackled that son of a gun.
  • Brent Musberger will trend higher, primarily complaining about his overexcited announcing. He will make at least one spectacular gaffe that sends the Twittersphere through the roof. Again, not much of a prediction.
  • I have said all season that Cam Newton has been more Terrelle Pryor than Terrelle Pryor. It will be true again tonight. Key throws AND key runs for first downs, and Auburn will be in command late.
  • Terrelle Pryor doesn’t always win games for Ohio State.
  • Nor will Cam Newton win this one. The player of the game, for Auburn, will be Michael Dyer…and, when Oregon pulls even late, it will be a Dyer run that sets up the gamewinner. Yes, I’m flip-flopping my pick again; hopefully the third time will be the charm. AUBURN 22, OREGON 19.

Enjoy the title game!

I had this written early this afternoon, but between the advising that I was doing and the snow-shoveling I did late, I completely forgot to send this around. Holy cow, that was incredible, wasn’t it? All the way down to the LAST-SECOND game-winning field goal.

And I finally hit a score exactly right, and I finally hit a second-guess!

Now, nobody’s going to believe me, because I didn’t get the pick out in time. But I swear to you, I had a feeling about this one. I mean, I’m in the midst of ESS EEE SEE country, I finally had to come to the conclusion that I was picking with my heart and I needed to get with my head.

Congratulations to Auburn on their title…

…and congratulations to Uncle Dave and Aunt Alice on their thrilling comeback! Uncle Dave hit SIX straight to finish the competition, Aunt Alice five of six and the three she needed…Matt, sympathies on the run-in but well done early to get your share.

(And only those three finished with a winning record on the pick-em on 19-16…I was next in the table on 17-18!)

Happy New Year to all!

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