From the Moveable Type blog, March 16, 2008

So, I’ve been in Israel this past week.

How’s that for surreal sentences? Hey, let me keep it going: “I stayed in a hotel with a view of the Sea of Galilee this week.” “I studied at the ruins of Dan this week.” “I walked on the 1st-century street outside the Temple walls this week.” “We had Palm Sunday worship on the Mount of Olives this week.”

Compared to that, “I rode a camel this week” sounds positively mundane.

We come home tonight (well, Monday night, since I’m typing this late Sunday night Eastern time…I just woke up over here). I kind of purposely haven’t live-blogged the trip, because I didn’t know what my time on a computer would be like. As it turned out, there were three days where I had quite restricted access, and two days where we had no access at all. So I’ve scribbled stuff in a notebook when I’ve been able to, and when my brain hasn’t been so overwhelmed and overfull that I just mentally shut down (which has felt like pretty much all of our time in Jerusalem and surrounding environs).

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I’ll type up some of what I’ve scribbled down and post it here.

This is an amazing country, a diverse country, a historic country, a spiritual country, a tragic country. I will never be the same again for having been here. But the ways I have changed, I could not have even remotely predicted a week ago.

Stay tuned. I have a story to tell.

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